nope, not a morning person

summer vacation, part II: the woods

summer vacation, part I: the beach

the view from our bedroom window

daily walk from our cabin to Iroquois Island and back

it was sunny all day, every day

Unbeknownst to me, N dried and collected some of our surplus sugar snap peas.  

She waited for the peas to dry on their own, sunbaked at 100 degrees during the hottest part of this summer.  She then shelled them by herself, scrounged up an empty jar and made her own label.  

It was all just a means to an end - the end being the handmade label.  I love that she can turn the most ordinary things into an artistic outlet.

weekend arts and crafts

N collages; I attempt to revise my marathon training plan

paper dolls are taking over our house

TARDIS blue toenails

The Fourth: no fireworks, no parades, no picnics; just a relaxing day in the pool followed by a backyard campfire for roasting Dandies. N’s new suit has a skirt that flares out in the water; it was the source of many giggles.  She’s warming up to the idea of floating on her back, and has mastered both The Starfish and The Ophelia. 

a city mouse visited our farm

Actually, two - from the outer ‘burbs of Chicago - and spent the better part of a week visiting my little country mouse.  Temps were in the 90s and they pretty much lived in our version of a watering hole.

N and her younger cousin C have seven short months between their birthdays, but every time we get them together they look more and more like they could be twins.

Joined by C’s older sister, M.  

The one day it dropped into the low 80s, they tromped through the woods to our pond to do a bit of exploring.  I suspect that from now on whenever I hear the sloshing of boots through leaves and shallow water, I’ll associate it with the happy jangling of Lucite bracelets and giggles.  Lots and lots of giggles.

kitchen garden fauna

another first

Kneading her first loaf of bread, with a little help from her father’s childhood illustrated bread book.

Nothing tastes as good as the first bite of something you made all by yourself.

asparagus and red onion pesto

Asparagus from the market, Italian red torpedo onions from my kitchen garden.  The onions were sliced thin and caramelized to add a hint of sweetness.  

Recipe is here.

Just another lazy Sunday at Cup 22, Part 2: and then she danced.

We returned to Cup 22 that evening to watch the local contra dancers rehearse in the Haw River Ballroom.  Nina brought her favorite ballerina dress and slippers to change into and was content to dance along, just out of their way.

When they neared the end of rehearsal, they asked observers if anyone would like to give contra dancing a try.  To my utter amazement, Nina piped right up and said she’d like to dance.

And away she went.

Just another lazy Sunday at Cup 22, Part 1: play time.

It all started when Nina wanted to replicate the picture on a Lincoln Logs box.  Two hours later, she had built: a monkey sanctuary with it’s own water supply (note the yellow rain barrel); an attached gardening center (where all of the food for the monkeys and caretakers is grown); and a fenced in garden connected to the caretakers’ living quarters by a wraparound porch.

When a coffee shop patron stopped to ask her about the design, I learned that the gaps in the roof were intentional.  In the main house, they were panes of glass to let natural light/heat in; in the gardening center, they were completely open - “so that bees can come and go and do their pollination thing, helping the plants to grow.”

This little person amazes me every single day.

get your greens

Green garlic, kale and pumpkin seed pesto tossed with steamed quinoa and topped with sliced spring onions.  

mid May on the farm

The carrots have been thinned, our fledgling orchard is fruiting, wild-growing roses (trellised just last year) are flourishing, and Nina has mastered the art of carefully sucking sun-warmed nectar from purple clover.

So much has yet to be photographed: strawberries ripening so quickly that we collect a large bowl of them daily; baby box turtles nestled all over the grounds; toads, frogs, and skinks (oh my!); nightshades, alliums, herbs, greens, asparagus, cucurbits …

two peas, no pod.

During the short walk between the Carrboro farmers’ market and our co-op, Nina discovered a statue of a stone woman on Main Street.

She also ate an entire pint of peas, minus the two she saved for me.